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Norway groups 2024 
How to network in and around Oslo

There's many reasons why it's vital for expats in Norway to reach out to people with similar interest. Whether it's April sunsets, cuisine, art, family or work: in English, it's much easier to gain initial orientation, become familiar with the Norwegian host society and get to know Oslo life in all its colorful facets outside the Kontor.

Boutique and community-driven, our ixpat.com groups serve as regional networking hubs in English - and are open for new members 24/7.

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2024-04-22 / Source: Team ixpat.com    
Who knows Jackie Chan? 
Anniversary quiz + movie group

Here in Norway probably everyone, no matter if expat or Osloman. He's been kicking it in Norwegian theatres even before MMA hit the mainstream.

"I'd rather be an actor who can also fight than the other way around". Even now at the age of 70 he is industriously fighting his way through the action comedy terrain between Hollywood and Kowloon. Usually without stunt doubles and at his personal risk, as insurances stopped signing him on long ago.

A quiz of 10 major highs and lows in his life, marking the milestone birthday of a martial arts icon. Disclaimer: Not even the most die-hard fans may come up with all 10 answers.

Lykke til and ...

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Group: Cineasts and film fans in Oslo

2024-04-08 / Source: Team ixpat.com    
What's the cost of moving ... 
from or to Oslo in April? ADV

Regardless of whether your Norway contract is just beginning or the time in the Tigerstaden will soon come to an end. A Scandinavia move needs to be well planned and budgeted for: Who will take care of the packaging for transportation? How does Norwegian customs clearance work? Do I need my own container or can I simply share one?

Turn 1 into 5: Get individual cost estimates from up to five Norwegian and international transport companies directly on ixpat.com with just one form. Free of charge, zero obligation and specifically tailored to your requirements.

Compare 5 moving quotes here

2024-03-26 / Source: Team ixpat.com    
ixpat.com wishes everyone a... 
Happy Women's day in Norway

We wish all women from Bristol to Oslo, Grenada to Guatemala City and Berne to Baltimore all the best for International Women's Day 2024!


2024-03-08 / Editing: Team ixpat.com
Lykke til: 9 elegant ways ... 
to politely end a conversation

9 polite ways to
...gracefully end a conversation. Works in and outside of Norway.
First some Kaffe ...
1) Make a compliment
Highlight something from the conversation to make a positive remark about. This will give you the initiative for the following disengagement.
2) Express gratitude
Say, “Takk, it was great talking with you” or “Thanks so much for chatting.”
3) Look forward to reconnecting
End with phrases like “See you around” or “I'm sure we'll meet again later.”
4) Check the time
Glancing at your watch or phone suggests that you’re aware of the time and may need to conclude. Looking away or scanning surroundings also signals your disinterest.
5) Turn away
Slightly turning your body away from the person you’re talking to can signal that the interaction is coming to an end.
6) Take out an object
If you’re holding car keys, Oslo transit tickets, or even some spare NOK, taking them out of your pocket or purse can subtly indicate that you’re preparing to leave.
7) Introduce others
Pulling other people into the conversation deflects attention from yourself and opens a respectful escape route.
8) If someone is rude
Say "I don't think this conversation is productive anymore. Let's take a break and continue talking next time".
And most importantly
9) Smile
Whatever exit line you choose, smiling will make the goodbye feel warm and genuine.

Takk and happy networking in the Tigerstaden!

Being an expat in Oslo involves frequent networking. Unlike local Oslomänn, who can rely on a lifelong, organically grown network of Norwegian friends and family, the international scene in Norway is transient. People come and leave all the time and maintaining a healthy social circle requires significant efforts.

So while it's relatively easy to strike up conversations , ending a dialogue in a polite way can be somewhat challenging. After all, the other person might not be aware that we don't want to continue talking and noone should feel offended, right?

Discuss this live at the next International Hour
Just landed in OSL? Reach out to other newcomers here

2024-02-22 / Source: Team ixpat.com    
ixpat.com wishes everyone a 
Romantic Valentine's day in Oslo

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Oslo's lovely
and so are you.

Group: Singles in Oslo
Group: Young families in Oslo
Group: Bi-national couples in Oslo

2024-02-13 / Editing: Team ixpat.com
Compare: Visa-free travel 
How strong is the Norwegian passport in 2024?

Which passport opens the most doors worldwide, without time-consuming visa formalities? While travel within Scandinavia remains popular among Oslo expatriates, the consulting firm Henley & Partners published its 2024 Passport Index. This comparative study - based on data from the International Air Transport Association IATA - curates the world's strongest passports year-on-year.

Below is an excerpt of all expat relevant countries with last year's figures in brackets:

PassportCodeVisa-free countriesRank
Francefr194 (190)1 (3)
Germanyde194 (190)1 (3)
Italyit194 (190)1 (3)
Japanjp194 (193)1 (1)
Singaporesg194 (192)1 (2)
Spaines194 (190)1 (3)
Finlandfi193 (190)2 (3)
South Koreakr193 (190)2 (3)
Swedense193 (190)2 (3)
Austriaat192 (190)3 (3)
Denmarkdk192 (189)3 (4)
Irelandie192 (189)3 (4)
Netherlandsnl192 (189)3 (4)
Belgiumbe191 (188)4 (5)
Norwayno191 (188)4 (5)
Portugalpt191 (188)4 (5)
United Kingdomuk191 (189)4 (4)
Greecegr190 (186)5 (7)
Switzerlandch190 (187)5 (6)
Australiaau189 (186)6 (7)
Czech Republiccz189 (187)6 (6)
New Zealandnz189 (187)6 (6)
Polandpl189 (187)6 (6)
Canadaca188 (186)7 (7)
Hungaryhu188 (186)7 (7)
United Statesus188 (186)7 (7)
Slovakiask186 (184)9 (9)
United Arab Emiratesae183 (179)11 (14)
Malaysiamy182 (182)12 (12)
Bulgariabg179 (177)13 (15)
Croatiahr179 (176)13 (16)
Romaniaro179 (177)13 (15)
Chilecl177 (175)15 (17)
Argentinaar174 (173)16 (18)
Hong Konghk171 (170)19 (19)
Israelil166 (159)21 (22)
Mexicomx161 (159)23 (22)
Ukraineua148 (150)32 (30)
Paraguaypy146 (143)33 (32)
Taiwantw143 (144)35 (31)
Perupe142 (136)36 (33)
Serbiars138 (137)37 (34)
Colombiaco135 (132)40 (37)
Russiaru119 (118)51 (51)
Turkeytr118 (112)52 (52)
Qatarqa108 (103)53 (54)
South Africaza108 (102)53 (55)
Saudi Arabiasa86 (83)61 (65)
Chinacn85 (80)62 (67)
Thailandth82 (80)63 (67)
Indonesiaid78 (75)66 (72)
Kazakhstankz78 (76)66 (71)
Keniake76 (73)67 (74)
Philippinesph69 (66)73 (79)
Ghanagh66 (63)76 (81)
Cubacu64 (62)78 (82)
Indiain62 (60)80 (84)
Egypteg55 (52)87 (92)
Nigeriang45 (45)95 (98)

Visa-free countries in more detail
Meet the ixpat.com community

2024-01-31 / Source: Henley & Partners    Editing: Team ixpat.com
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